Are you blind?

It says who it is in the windows title, in the "About this video" and in the tags... Seriously, use your eyes
Justin King videos have done the rounds on this board every six months since its conception.
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Someday stuff like this will inspire me to get a good steel-string, but right now I'm focused on classical.

Nice stuff though.
Agh. Have you ever been in the acoustic forum? Jaysus, this video has been linked to many times. Impressive, yes, but I think Rodrigo Y Gabriela do it better.
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Yeah I agree. It's impressive but Rodrigo y Gabriela are so much better.
What's with all this Blah is better than Bleh bull****? It's annoying the hell out of me. Can't you just accept that Justin King is an amazing musician and respect his music? Seriously, grow up and get off the damn bandwagons.
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