^--- haha you could do that.... or you could've just already seen this exact video 390348012480 times
why dont we all just tune our guitars to any given open sus. 2 chord and then do barre chords and slap dat **** with a funky ass rhythm. Yawn, its cool but ive see FAR to many justin king vids.
^-- ahahahaha. not trying to take anything away from justin king as a musician, but i agree.
AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i see this video one more time im going to slit my wrists and die...just kidding.. im not suicidal but this video has been posted way too many times.... i cant play this but im getting freakin tired of seeing this video
Whenever I see a post that is something like "OMG CRAZY VIDEO!!" or "OMG AMAZING VIDEO!!" OR "HOLY %@#$@# THE BEST GUITAR VIDEO EVAR!!!!1!!!!!" I now automatically think "justin king"

yes we all know that he is talented and all, but what he is playing isn't actaully too hard. That song is called Phunkdified by the way.

and no, I do not dislike Justin King. Actaully, he is one of my favorite artists. People should check out his actaul music, not just his instrumental stuff. Check out his band and website at: http://www.justinking.com/

his music is quite amazing.

and can we please sticky a post about this video or something?
Anyone can play like that. It just takes a guitar, an amp, and practice.
I'll be impressed when he lays down some lyrics and plays something like that at the same time.
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Quote by GOD*OF*ROCK
lol man plz dont take this the wrong way but you really cant rap.
How exactly are you supposed to play it?
This slap guitar stuff, I'm self taught and I kinda don't get what and how your supposed to hit,strumm, whatever with your thumb
Any help on that?
^--- most slap songs are played in lower tunings. it makes it MUCH easier to get a good tone out of slapping the string. try dropping your guitar to open C (CGCGCE) and then give it a go.
Yeah but what exactly is the tecknique, are you just supposed to hit the string with your thumb or what?
Quote by jimtaka
^-- yes

lol ok if thats all there is to it
i'll just mess around with it till i get it right i guess, just looks kinda complicated
What kind of acoustic is he using?
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This video has never left the first page of the accoustic forum, pretty sure.

Oh sure, the thread changes, but this video never dies.

for having discovered it though, I guess.
I just recently discovered Justin King and I?m already annoyed with him lol and Jimtaka you sound a lil cocky there it made me laugh anyways I bet there will be a new thread like this by the end of the week so im with Khoifish321 there sould be a sticky post for this.
^-- haha i didn't mean to sound cocky at all!! there's most definitely TONS of people just on this site alone that know way more than i!
As far as a tecnique goes for playing this style. I'm pretty sure he just improvises the scales. A lot like soloing or even Acoustic Medely does. I never looked at that tab but maybe I should so I can be totally sure on it.
^-- specifically for this song: it may have been improvised in the writing process.... but it's a complete composition now. he knows where he's going.
^-- the comments on that video are building it up to be great! i can't wait to get home and watch it with some speakers so i can hear it too, hahaha