aer there really strings for a acoustic guitar that are frozen then slowly brought backto room temp, i heard some 1 say this, and they said they were very good, but i dont no if this is true


do diadarrio acoustic guitar strings lose their good sound after like a week
^-- not sure about the frozen strings

whether or not d'addario strings lose their "good sound" after like a week depends on which strings they are and how much you play. i use d'addario exp strings and they have the best and keep the best tone longer than any other strings i've ever tried.
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I think the strings you're thinking of are called Blue Steel. I've never tried them so I cant give you much info on how they sound.
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i play blue steels. all i use. they have great tone and very long life. though they can be expensive. but then again, i get mine for free
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