Standing at the forefront
Covered in gore
A lovely evening gown
Pale and flushed
Emitting a lusting odor
Giving us a gag

[This is the >>CHORUS<<]:::
Gimme some love
There will be more
Gimme some love
Get rid of the taint
Gimme some love
Amazingly good
Gimme some love
Its still coming on

You wish you were more
Even as you tear
Just give us all a good laugh
Some blood to scare
There will be no second
It won't be on pair


Take down the dirty curtian
It robs you of your due
It doesn't even cover you whole
Let alone cripple the sane
There will be a heaven if you beg
Its entirely in vain


Long time since i posted a song here. My songwriting has evolved a lot since then, and im much more into just writing some **** in 10 minutes, and moving on without looking back when im done. Meaning, this is the final draft anyway. I'd still like your opinions though