hey everyone,
i got to hear an advance of this cd from my job at umg so i figured id give a small review of the new album.

these guys are really underrated. theyve been playing music for over a decade and definitely influenced a bunch of bands whether they realize it or not. but this cd will get more people to notice them. each song is really great and its comparable to stuff like clutch, or sick of it all, or the melvins. their songs are filled with various time changes that are scattered in each song and the yelling vocals work really well with the style theyre playing. I dont remember the names cause i dont have the cd with me but track 2 is probably my favorite, and you can hear it along with others at www.mp3.com/helmet. its for sure one of my favs of the year so far and i bet a lot of bands will start pulling influences from them again with this one.

theyll be on the main stage at warped tour this summer too, so catch their set if youre there. later everyone, hopefully this gave you some info on them.
Sounds really good. Helmet never really fail to deliver solid material though, so its not really a suprise.