I have always done my powerchords with my pinky and index finger. Is this weird and/or bad? I have tried it the normal way, but it doesnt feel right. Should I keep trying to do it the normal way?
Its really up to preference. Many many people do it with index+pinky if you watch some videos...

I usually do them with index+ring but some people do index+ringfinger and pinky like if you were playing a barre chord
I really don't know what I'm doing, whatever feels right at the moment
i do index, ring, and pinky...im weird
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i use my index finger with my pink and ring finger, im sure what your doing is fine, it's basically a barre chord on the A string except your using your pinky instead of your ring finger.
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I made this thread awhile ago. But I've changed it, I now do it with my pointer and ring and pinky.
I play with fingers 1 3 4
A friend plays with 1 2 3
Another friend plays with 1 4 (Ignores the octave)
Jack White plays with 1 4 4
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So, in conclusion, it doesn't matter.
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yeah i would suggest barring with your third finger if you have trouble switching strings, but for a more stable position i would go with your index, ring, and pinky...that's what i use
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