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Is it just me that thinks that it seems like you have to be a lucky bastard to get signed.
Skillfull lucky bastard that is.
So many great bands out there and nobody signs them.
So it all feels like if you are good enough the chances are still small that you could make music a living.
So many people play music because its fun when others maybe sacrifice their whole life to practice and become good and still dont get the signed.
Am i right or have i missed something?
i know wat u mean... tht said, the standard of a 'signed' band is really noticably higher than of a good unsigned band. they're probably more professional. sometimes u really dont want professional tho, something a bit more rough round the edges... but if u wanna get signed i guess u cant hav any ermmmm rough edges!

yeah tht made little sense...
It's all about their advertising and marketing techniques. The band has to be able to play alot of shows and really show off themselves.
Sell yourself. No, that does NOT mean selling out (ugh to the term). If you don't look marketable, labels will not want to sell you because they don't think you will sell. Look professional, act professional, and sound professional. Then you'll get noticed and picked up by a label scout.
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i really think that if you work hard enough and crack at it long enough youll get somewhere u may not be the next led zeppelin but u can get a song on the radio or on a music video channel, it just takes determination, i will say that labels are signing some of the most untalented bands lately tho, but then again alot of the genres with talented musicians arent mainstream
You know, an unsigned performer with a band can make up to 3500 a week? (ed: this isn't exactly fair; you end up having to pay everyone out also, so it's usually less than this.)

An unsigned performer touring with an established band can potentially get paid 10k a week (which is what clapton pays his guitarists; he pays more for his horns, from what I hear).

OTOH, a signed band who can't sell? You lose about 250k a year. Getting signed isn't everything, understanding how to live off of music is.
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^ exactly. if you're good a what you do, you'll make money, because someone will want tp make money off you.. and if you're a good player, you can make lots of cash being a session player.
yeah, look at fall out boy, theyre not talented, but they make money, you just have to be at the right place at the right time.
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yeah, look at fall out boy, theyre not talented, but they make money, you just have to be at the right place at the right time.

Your user name and that quote together..

Anyway, I think writing catchy songs is a form of talent.
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nirvana is actually talented...away from the overplayed songs like smells like teen spirit, which is not their fault its overplayed
Don't think "I wanna get signed i wanna get signed!" Just isn't the way to go about it. Play shows! Get experience! art around with advertising your band a bit then you'll make it! It's all about bein' who you are and what you play! Trust me it works!
Heh I dont want to get signed really because then ill have to tour and not be able to make hot passioned sex to my girlfriend but that's another story.
Anyways how do i become a sessioned player so i can atleast make some cash?
I know it ain't about cash and i dont really care.
But i thought why not cash could come in handy.
I train my ass of everyday on the bass 4+ hours a day.
Now i feel overburned so i relax with some movies,games and cooking
Anyways where do i start to make enough cash to survive?
No fancy cars and stuff a apartment and food
There are many aspects for a record label to go over when they want to sign bands. For example: "is there any demand for this kind of band?" "How old are the bandmembers(yes... no joke, if you're lets say 28-40 years old your chances to get signed are mutch lowerl)" "How does the band look onstage, and offstage? (looks and attitude has to fit the music" etc. etc.

Its not only the music (ofcourse thats what SHOULD BE most important, and usualy is ) but the bigger the label gets, the more they look at the money that can be made, and the less to the music, if something sells its in. You can play guitar like Steve Vai, but if they think you wont sell, they wont sign you.
Dont need to sign to a record company. They will screw you up the arse and sideways.

Buy a domain name, make a site, write your songs and sell the CD's on the site for like 80p a track and £8 and album. Home recording equiptment is expensive but worth it in the long run.

Give like 30 second samples. Its cheaper for the consumer and totally cuts out the record labels who are only in it for the money and dont really give a flying **** about the bands they sign. You can be dropped quicker than a hot cross bun freshly out of the oven with no gloves on......

**** the record labels they are unscrupulous businessmen/women who dont know **** all about music but everything about how to make money from music......
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^ agreed, but you'll only ever get so far mate. radio stations need to be involved to play your music, you need to have a massive fan base too. it's really not easy. i think we've got a seriously catchy summer tune in my band, but who knows where to even start putting it out..

we've got a demo now, all ready to go. it sometimes only takes on DJ to play your music and you're in. i also plan on sending our demo to some established bands to see if we can get support gigs with them.

ultimately, there's a lot of luck involved. depends on what you want... my mate is 32 and plays a session drummer. he earns about 8K a show. Mmmm, nice. He isn't famous and doesnt care to be. i think what is important for me is respect in my field. i dont care about fame really. of course it would be nice to signed, but there's a lot of pressure involved too..

damn, though, think about that £500,000 advance. Heh heh heh
Where do i start to get paid i meen what should I do so people would pay me to play in their bar,hotel or whatever it could be?
It's not just that, you have to know how to "sell yourself" to make a good impression and know the right people, look at avrril lavigne or something like that... a pretty face is always important
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damn, though, think about that £500,000 advance. Heh heh heh
£500,000 that you have to pay back. Most artists end up owing their record label money because of advances.

To the thread starter.. and anyone else .. stop thinking in terms of luck. Pretend that luck doesn't exist. If you want to do anything in the world .. music or otherwise then you have to make it happen. Don't sit around waiting for some 'big break'. Get out there and work your ass off and make things happen for yourself. No one said anything about being easy .. life isn't easy. I'm not accusing anyone of being lazy .. just be careful .. it's too easy to blame things on luck, faith, destinty etc.

If you fail then ultimately you have yourself to blame. Don't ignore that. You don't want to find yourself a 50 year-old person who mopes around wishing they made something of themself when they were 20.