As the title clearly states, I recorded two new songs, one of them is called Land of Grace, and the other one is Repetition of Horror. I was working on Land of Grace for about a month or 2, and I thought up Repetition of Horror in one day, so nothing besides the backing guitar was thought out before that, which explains how that one has more mistakes than the other lol. Anyways, have a listen, and post any criticism that you have for it, hope you enjoy them.

Link: jdh504.dmusic.com
As I'm listening:

Land of Grace: Nice riff, not very often you hear a major riff with a heavyish distortion. Well played all the way through, although some notes in scalic runs kind of sloppy, but I still get the jist. The solo really does mean well, and I can see how it's meant to be but sorry - it wasn't pulled off that well. I can sort of imagine a full band playing all this and it would be a nice song to listen to as it goes into a lot of major or minor instead of staying totally pentatonic. Song finished - good job! 7/10 overall.

Sorry the door is knocking, I'll have to do Repition of Horror later. Nice track anyway.
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Yeah, I tend to be sloppy on most of my riffs, I've been meaning on trying to work on that. Yeah, I was trying to do something a little different with the solo than most of my other songs, and I seem to always get told that my songs would sound better with a full band lol. Thanks for the criticism.
I dug it man. Infinite was right, it was a little off time in some parts but the intro really reminds of bands like Sum 41 but in a good way. You should layer a rythym guitar in the background because it feels too sparse. And also like infinite said it would sound really gound with a drummer and bassist. It's got a lot of good potential man.
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