i was in the gear customizing forum a couple of days ago and i saw a thread that was asking how to adjust the pups. well, i know how to, but i was wondering what it does, why would people want to lower and higher the pickups?

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mainly people adjust them to get a little bit different sound. if they are closer to the strings they are gonna be a little muddier but be louder and if they are lowered they will sound a little clearer but not be as loud in basic terms.
too close is muddy, too far and u get volume loss. just close enough gives u extra "bite"

you can tilt the treble side higher if u want more high end.
you can put the bass side higher if u need more bass.

if u have a high output pickup and a lower output pickup on the same guitar, u might want to raise the lower output pickup closer to the strings, so that there isnt a volume loss when u switch over.

if u have humbuckers with adjustable poles (they look like screws.) u can fine tune which strings are emphasized, just by raising those poles closer to the strings.

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