Hey Everyone. I'm looking to get an amp head and cab soon and I have about a thousand or so to spend. Now what I really want is a Marshall JCM 800 haha but its a bit too pricey on ebay right now. I noticed that I could get a 5150 and cab and stay in my price range. I heard good things about the 5150 compared to the JCM's. However I know it is geared more towards metal. I will not be playing hardcore or metal at all. Im mostly gonna be playing classic rock and hard rock. AC/DC the most probably. Now I know that the JCM 800 will do this stuff perfect and If I want that marshall tone i need a marshall. Is it possible to get a good tone for that type of music with the 5150? I know ideally id need the 800 but just wondering if its possible with the 5150. Some have told me it's actually more versitile if you know your settings and have a good guitar.
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