Ok stayed up all night calculating and crap, and just to make sure, are there ANY other guitars that would be better than the epi elitist lp around its price range, for punk rock, without needing a backup guitar.
You really have to try them out yourself. If you have, no, i guess they're the best out there in the les paul shape, unless you're looking at gibson. And any gibson below the studio would be crap.
well im not just talkin about a les paul shape, im talkin about a guitar up to 1300$ that would be great for punk rock (better the epi elitist lp)
for punk rock? well the made in america fender wouldnt be apropriate now would it... and if you have 1300 you can easily get the studio which is better than the elitist
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^I wouldnt say that.

To threadstarter, go to a guitarstore and try everything you can get your hands on. I've never been a supporter of buying a guitar across the net, and while I haven't noticed the so-called decline in quality of gibsons, people are talking about it, so if you're looking at ordering over the internet, i actually think the elitist is the your best bet.

Good luck

Edit: That first part was to the guy saying the gibbo studio was better than the elitist. You might look at the SG standard too, yeah, but again, go to a guitar store and try them!
1000 quid? get a legra or gajic custom.

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