Alright so im graduating high school in like a week and my parents are giving me 500-600$ CAN for a new guitar and amp. i was hoping to get both but a guitar is more important. i play mainly metal, with a bit of classic rock. so whats the best equipment i can get with that? this is only my second guitar and first that im picking out myself i was also wondering what i should look for when trying new ones out. Any input would be appreciated.
a strat and a frontman 25r is good for 600 bucks, it might be a little less even
wow man, thanks, thats store is close to me too, didnt know they had a web site......i love the finish on the ibanez
I actually would fucus more on getting a good amp more than guitar because the amp is more important in ways of tone than your guitar. You can have a badass guitar but if your amp blows its still gonna suck.
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