I'm currently using a Squire Bullet, should I bother buying a BC Rich Warlock Bronze on eBay for about $200 in total? I've heard that they suck, but I'm not really amazing at guitar either.
NO! It wouldn't be much of an upgrade, and you can do better for the price. I do suggest upgrading because you'll enjoy playing a lot more if you have a decent instrument.
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If you can find a good (might take some hunting, but they're out there) Sqiuer Standard Tele/Strat, you'd be good for a while. They're around $250. If you can afford to splurge, I suggest getting a Fender Standard, though. Massive upgrade for $100.
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if you don't plan on getting serious with the guitar and you have the money.. thne y not?? But if I were you I would buy an $200 dollar ibanez instead. They're so much better than any guitar at that price.
Alright, thanks for the input. I thought it was a piece but I wanted to know for sure.
yea man its not really an upgrade, save up for sumthing better
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