Well i was out with the family today and we were going by Sam Ash,so i had to stop in.I found a used DIGITECH RP7 for $45.00,This is my first effect unit.It is ok i guess i can have some fun with it for that price.
Cool buy. Yea u can have some fun with it. Fool around with the effects and if u like a particular one maybe later u can buy a seperate pedal for it. I personally think individual pedals are better but thats because they focus on one effect. U can use the Digitech fine though,

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Digitech multi pedals are good for learning the effects.
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i have an old RP-5 effects unit. I bought it for like 20bucks...its pretty decent for the price i payed. Its kinda old but its full of fun still. i use it sometimes into a small amp when i dont want to plug into my full rig.
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