Hello, I need some advice, on which a guitar would be better all around. Price is not a factor. I play quite a bit of folk punk and need to know whether or not I should get either a Art and Lutherie "Folk" guitar:


Or a Blueridge BG-60 Slope Shoulder:


Please remember, money is not a factor.
The art & lutherie is an awesome guitar, i own one and i really really really suggest you take a serious look at it. You wont find such a well built guitar with a solid top at that price anywhere else. For me, it's awesome because it's a smaller body size which means it fits better for finger style, but still can do strum, but i would say if you really are only strumming on an acoustic and want LOTS of volume ( the folk is still pretty loud for its size ) , you should look at a dreadnought. The folk body is also easier to carry, i play that guitar anywhere anytime, its pretty solid for a solid top.

As for the dreadnought, i suggest you look at other godin guitars ( Seagull, Simon & patrick, Norman ... www.godinguitars.com) all awesome guitars. Top quality.
One advantage to the Blueridge is the dovetail neck (which is the "proper" way to put a neck on a guitar". The Art & L necks are bolt on im pretty sure. Other than that, whatever sounds better to u man.

You've gotta solid top spruce vs. solid top cedar. VERY different sounds. Pick whichever sounds better!