Hey guys i would like to improve on my guitar playing overall to help me write songs and increase my technique(sp?). I mainly play a LOT of nirvana, riffs of metallica and what not but do you guys have any suggestions of bands i should start playing or songs in help me?

you're not going to get very far with nirvana, but find out bands that you like, and songs that you like, that you think will push your playing to the next level, then learn to play those. Practice, practice, practice.
Well I heard learning some musical theory can help.
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good advice jmt, thats exactly what i did, i started playing metallica, then slowly upgraded, some of the bands i used to improve my playin were rush and zeppelin, and also in a different kind of music, bands like children of bodom, trivium, lamb of god, now i can play **** like dream theatre, constantly challenge yourself, thats my advice
Well.. what bands would you recommend nothing to hard lol just somthing a little more difficult than nirvana.
Hmmmm......Well, you could listen to and play some Led Zeppelin, Tool, Pink Floyd, Robin Trower, etc. to increase your technique.

But just listening to the same bands won't help much on your creativity. Listen to all kinds of genres, classical, jazz, classic rock, metal, blues, bluegrass, country, you get what I mean. Learn some licks from all of these different genres and incorporate them into your music and you will start to develope your own sense of style of play and then writing music seems to get easier.

As listed before, learn some Music Theory (Stuff about Modes, Keys, the Circles of Fifths, Scales, etc.) because it will aid you creating riffs, solos, and in improvisation. Stick around this site, read some lessons, theres plenty of resources here....

just listening to dream theater makes you a better musician
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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