okay, so ive got this squier strat that suddenly just started to sound awful. is it worth getting my pickups checked up and possibly fixed? or should i try replacing the strings and see if that fixes my sound?

ive got enough money to get the next guitar i want (schecter 006 deluxe), and its even on sale at gc this week so do you think i mine as well just get the new guitar
what is your amp? that is more important tonewise
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I dont think its worth it to fix a Squier... Get the new guitar man, Schecters are Awsome!

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what is your amp? that is more important tonewise

Yea thats very true
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I happen to love my squier. Then again, I put Seymores in it and Im really good at wireing, but mine has lasted me 4 years now, still working perfect, never goes outta tune, necks still straight and the tone is clean.

If you decide to drop ur squier Id be glad to take it.

P.S. The Schecter 006 blackjack is better than the deluxe
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Dude, get the freaking Schecter. You won't regret it. I've had mine for what now, 14 months? Something like that. It's awesome. And I went from a Squier to it as well.

It also is important to know what you mean by "awful.'


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Definatly get the schecter because cmon, who doesnt want a new guitar?

However, if you have a ****ty amp, blow your money on a good new one + some new strings and stick with the strat.

Squiers can sound just as good as schecters with a good amp, a fresh set of strings and a small pickup change down the road. I put some Duncans into mine and am absolutly loving its tone over my SG and Ibanez.

Cliff Notes: if you have a ****ty amp buy a new one. if your amp is dece get the guitar

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by awful i mean it has like a ringing noise...im not quite sure how exactly to describe it. it just doesnt sound like it used to

and my amp is a Fender Frontman 15G. i know its not that great but i like it enough. and i dont plan on doing any gigs or anything any time soon, mostly i just play for my friends so 15 watts is by far enough

absinthe5765: i like the blackjack but its a bit above my price range...
yeah definately a new guitar before a new amp in this situation

but as far as amps go, it's not about the watts, it's about the tone and tubeage
Get the new guitar, have the Squire professionally set up, and then go for a new amp.

Squiers can actually be halfway decent guitars. There's no sense in throwing it out if it's just a simple set-up problem. Which, from your description, that's my guess. It could be something with the pickups, but I doubt it. Intonation being off is much more likely.

With a full set-up, new strings will be put on, the fretboard will get cleaned, and intonation will be set up properly. That should fix your ringing problem. After you get a new amp, I suggest that you get some new pickups for the Squier as well.
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It might be your amp, "ringing" is a little vague. I've read a number of reviews on that amp and alot of them say the amp hums. Maybe thats what your hearing. Plus I own the amp also, and it's junk. Check the squier out and get a new amp. I've had my squier for over 10 years and it's still a good guitar for what it is, though I put hot rails in mine years ago.
considering 99.9% of your guitars tone comes from the pickup (before it goes through an amp) a pickup swap is the best way to improve your actual guitar tone.
could very well be that amp. ^ like said. could also be the guitar cable.

by a roland cube 30 with effects. $225.
a hotrails for tele pup for the bridge of ur strat. $70
spend the other 5 bucks on a soldering iron to put it in with.

a schecter omen is a cool guitar. but any guitar thru a butt amp will still sound like butt.

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