Ey, im trying to do an EVH frakenstrat look (white with black stripes) So anyway, I'm using spray paint to do it (people on here recommended it). I've put on the primer, done the black (surprisingly only one layer). I put on the white, but it kept dripping off and wasn't solid (you can see some black), should i let it dry then add another layer of white. And do i need to polish or lacquer it? (I'm quite noob at painting).
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you always wanna Put the lighter color on first, I would recommend sanding it and repainting it, then put the white on first,

OR of you don't wanna do that, wait until it drys, then LIGHTLY Mist the white on in layers, that way it won't collect and drip off,
Unless oy ufeel like redoing it, just put on a lot of mist coats of white until the black gets covered.
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you always wanna Put the lighter color on first

Nope, with the EVH stripes you paint the black layer, tape it up and then paint the white over it. Then tape that up and go red if you feel like doing the full franky.
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Misting is just a light coat, just spray your can abotu 6 inches from eth body decently fast. But keep in mind you'll get orange peel so keep in mind your going to have ot snad that coat of white with 400 grit to get rid of the orange peel. then go on and spray your clear.