What ever happened to Sugar Ray? Not that I really liked them or anything, but I heard one of their songs on the radio the other day. So does anybody have a clue about them?

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Sugar Ray got drafted and sent to Iraq with Smile Empty Soul. They were captured by terrorists. These terrorists released a video of the torture they put the bands through. The video showed that they forced both bands to stop acting cool. No one has heard from them since...
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I can't stand that douche bag. I had, like I said I had, a girlfriend that was obsessed with him and she talked about him every day. I just told her, "Its cool that you like that band (mainly Mark Magrath) but I really don't care about them and if they were to die I wouldn't shed a tear. Actually I might be somewhat happy. Anyways, here's the cliff notes: She was a psycho and I told her what I didn't like about her, she didn't change and I broke up with her one night when we were going out to dinner. She could have blamed part of it on Mark Magrath.
The singer is now a host on some entertainment news show. I don't think they're very active musically.
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Funny how their first record was some sort of rap/metal fusion,then "Fly" happened and now they're poster pretty boys.

Interesting evolution.