Ok i want a floyd rose trem on my Jackson and i will purchase one off the net, what measurements do i need, like the nut or something?
so can i just buy a normal floyd off ebay? whats a standard nut with for a jackson?
i posted this in a nearly identical thread earlier today. copy and paste my other post:
yes, you can.
this topic comes up pretty frequently. the general consensus is this:
-the unit itself (including all misc parts) will run you about $200USD for a good one (OFR, high end Ibanez ones, etc.)
-it is possible to install it yourself. you can buy templates online (check stewmac.com), but that doesn't mean it will be easy. if you don't have any woodwork experience, you can irreversibly damage your guitar. the alternative, naturally, is to have it installed by someone who knows what they're doing.
-a professional install will probably cost at least $200, probably more.
-your guitar did not come from the factory with a locking trem in mind. this can cause scale length issues, problems with the neck angle, and other routing issues. this will cost more money to fix.

you need to consider this: is your guitar worth spending $400 dollars on? you can get a guitar equipped with a decent locking trem for that much. for a couple hundred extra bones, you can get a pretty good guitar with that money.

about the nut measurement, yes, you will need to route a chunk out for the locking nut. as far as i know, you will be moving the truss rod cover (if there is one) higher up and route a piece of wood out where the original nut was. from what i hear, you need to be VERY careful with this. i would try to find a jackson-specific forum and ask about any measurements.