Give Me something To practice. actually give me three things. (so I dont get bored)
YES THATS RIGHT! YOU! get to choose what I practice next.
I would Like

-one technique exercise. (i.e. a hammer-on, pull-off pattern)
-one chord progression
-and one scale

Dont make it too simple. but if it's a good idea i'll do 1-2-3-4-4-3-2... 100 times

e -------15^1-
b ----13-------
g -14----------
what kinda of music do you play? cause im sure if i recommended a classical tremolo technique you wouldnt wanna practice it if you played metal.

G, Cadd9, D(hehe)
Harmonic minor
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Learn the Blues Scale, make up a cool chord progression in Em to go without, and practice your vibrato
Or just subscribe to Guitar One like the rest of us and you will have plenty to do for an entire year.
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lets see here.....

A good one for hammer ons is this one:


Try that at a slow speed, say, triplets at 65 BPM and then increase a little. If you don't have a metronome, use www.metronomeonline.com. Its free and easy to use.

A good chord progression exercise would be an Am, Cmaj, Gmaj, Fmaj, and E7.

As for a scale, try a major scale:


The horizontal lines are strings, the vertical lines are frets......the zeros are where you finger....

Hope this helped!
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cool, ty u guys. more plz! I am not goign to specify my musical taste because if is guitar... then I want to know it. No limits you know? plus if i never use it it'll stuill teach me something
e -------15^1-
b ----13-------
g -14----------





i made this exercise in order to help transitioning between different fingering patterns on adjacent strings, except you play one note of the next fingering pattern one string higher and one string lower and alternate...it's a good workout and great for coordination, synchronization, and building speed

study chord composition

ascend using the melodic minor scale, descend using harmonic minor
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what helped me get my stretching out and stuff is just go


on each string and alternate your picking

ex pick 1down-2up-3down-4up

and just do that for awile and hopefully it'll help you gain speed and such
i still use it to warm up