So, I'm looking for a tube combo $500-$600 range, and I have a opportunity to get a Traynor YVC 50 or YCV 80 for that price. Should I do it?

I want: warm tone, flexibility (I can always scoop it with a pedal), if I need high gain can I use a driver pedal?

plus, the ycv 80 has JJ tubes- the guy claims they're better. I know nothing about tube specifics.

So there it is, I've heard people talk up the Fender Blues Junior and Deluxe Reverb and Hot Rod, but I've never played them. I've heard the Deluxe Reverb and it sounded pretty good.

Suggestions? Criticism? Peace...
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traynors are very warm and versitile, JJ is a great tube company, the best in most peoples opinions, traynors are very marshally and get a great crunch, good cleans, and good classic rock dist, a booster will help it do hard rock and almost metal, very good for their prices
for a clip of the ycv 50 blue go to the ultimate clip thread there are like 2 there i think
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