Ok so I have a fender MIM jazz bass and love j basses but I have to say, the bridges can be cheap and I heard such good things about badass II bridges it seemed to fit the bill. So I ordered one from basspartsresource.com with money I saved up and just got it.

Now I knew it would have to be intonated and such and there's a pretty small local music store that did it for me before when I changed the pickups (basslines) but I read the back and it said I would have to have a professional file the saddles and I look and got pissed. Right so I do not know what to do about it as the local music store mentioned earlier doesn't exactly do luthier type work.

So there's my problem, any advice? (If it helps at all there is a guitar center not to far off)
Any store can do it. I've done it in my garage.

No worries.
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ive used a BADASSII bridge for 20 years on a fender jazz bass
never got the "saddles filed" and it works fine
if ur having problems playing it PM me
and i can tell you what to do
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Yeah I'll check again with the store, I know the owner so I'll see, and if they really can't do it then GC, I saw a poster last time saying they fix guitars too so yeah, just a quick look otherwise I'll play nonfiled like jonny and tom suggested.
Yeah, I want one of those for my Squier McCrapbass. Pretty looking bridges, aren't they?
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