i used to have a digitech gnx3000 guitar workstation...but long story short i returned it because frankly i thought it was a gimmick. lucky for me i kept the pro tracks. but now I want to mess around with it for fun, but I don't know how w/o the gnx3000. im plugging my guitar straight into the computer w/ a crummy little microphone input jack, can anyone please tell me how i can get pro tracks to work like this??
do you still have the instructions book?
but i have a gnx4 and i use pro tracks all the time. I think you have to change the drivers or something. When you load the program without it a digitech thing connected it will bitch at you for not having any MIDI input/outputs selected. When you first installed the program you had to select Digitech MIDI 1-2/3-4 to format your computer to read through the USB. On my computer I had the option to select my Soundcard. I'm pretty sure that if you select yours it will read what is coming through the microphone jack. Also make sure that under the track your recording it also says your soundcard, not Digitech 1-2/3-4.

Im pretty sure this works because I have had my drivers switch like this on accident and i was recording through a little mic hooked up the the jack without even realizing it.
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