Im looking to upgrade my mt2 for a nice metal distortion sound. If I buy a pedal, I want a good one, not a midrange mediocre one like a metal master or digitech death metal ect. I would like the distortions in a expensive pedal board like a gt8 or whatever. But I have no interest in the 300 other effects so I don't see the point of purchasing one of those. I was looking a maxon pedals, but im looking for other recomendations. Money is not really an issue (within reason of course) as long as it doesn't cost the same as a stack lol. Also, is it worth the money for a boutique pedal?

my amp is a marshall avt 275 as well.
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well i think a nice overdrive is worth it.......i jsut spent 250$ on a fulltone fulldrive 2 custom shop mosfet edition.....this thing was worth every ****ing penny but dont get your hopes up for getting one, they are 8 months back ordered and EXTREMELY HARD TO FIND, nearly impossible to be exact.
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Your better off buying another amp
My suggestion? Sell your marshall for about $400-$500... Should be enough to get you a REAL tube amp IMO
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Sell the Marshall, chip in some more money, and buy a nice tube amp. Use the rest on a botique OD pedal, instead of distortion.

I have a $200 fuzz pedal that sounds amazing. It's worth the money once you upgrade your amp.
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Everyone's right. You don't really need a new pedal but a new amp. I had an AVT100 and once you play a good tube amp you'll see that the amp stinks.

Anyway to answer your question. Go for a Line 6 Uber Metal set the thing to pulverize and that'll give you a good fat metal sound. There's not really much point in the more expensive distortion pedals as you wont hear them clearly through your amp. Personally I think the Uber is one of the best anyway.
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Yeah - a new tube amp would be a better way to go, but here are some good distortion pedals anyway;

Rocktron Silver Dragon,
Mxr Doubleshot,
And have a look at some tonebones!

Good luck

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