well.. a friend told me a story like this one about him and his girlfriend, mandy. so i thought itd make a decent poem for a song or w/e.

crit for crit. any comments are greatly appreciated.

Mandy said why dont you come over
hang out, watch movies in the basement
and i couldnt help but comply
i knew what that look in her face meant

just watching ****ty late night movies,
we were sitting on the floor
with mountain dew and cold pizza
and i asked if you had more

now the records in the background
and Mandy starts kissing my cheek
while the musics getting stronger,
i feel my knees going weak

cause now Mandys got all her clothes off,
and i dont know what to say
i said id always love her,
i told her every day

well i guess she felt the same way
cause it all went down that night
while the music sang in the background
i felt my head go light

since then everything is different
a lot of things have changed
but the way i heard her say my name,
i know ill never be the same
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yea dude i reely like this im not realy shure how everything goes together i probly would if i heard it sung but besides that i reely like it