I just got this program yesterday called Riffmaster and this is the first thing i recorded with it. There some rough patches but i like the way it turned out. I wanna hopefully do this song with my band and i was just wandering what someone else thought of it. Stay through till the end though. Or just fastforward to 3:40 in. Thats my favorite part.
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i really liked this one. the intro was very odd, in terms of phrasing, but it sounded very cool. the heavy riffs were great too. it kinda had a "call of ktulu" vibe, which is good because I love that song. all the transistions sounded very clean as well, so i guess the program works fine. good job
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alright man i just woke up, I am liking this intro it has this enigmatic feel to it, very classic to, there is pretty much nothing wrong with that. I like when the heavy riff came in but i don't like the tone to much, maybe to high on the trebs or something. the solo is quite good. Hey and i expected this to get repetitive but nope its not, i enjoy listening to this. I am loving the part around 2:35 its pretty awesome man, the solo is great. this is awesome man, great feel to it, the heavy riffs and the clean riffs are both awesome. well man there was nothing wrong with it, other than that tone issue but thats not that big of a deal, the recording quality was good too. great job. thanks for listening to mine
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I just love the intro so far, and I'm loving this new riff too, you've got a great tone too. This song has a really nice vibe to it, kinda hard to explain, but it sounds really good. Hearing the solo now...nothing seems wrong with it, it sounds really great. Yeah, the part at 3:40 does sound great too lol, I still really love that main riff too, the ending was nice too. Overall, this whole song ended up sounding really great, nothing I could say that I found wrong with it really, great job.