Hi everyone, I'm new here.

I've been looking to improve my lead guitar techniques by attempting to play other people's solos and by improvising my own.

Would learning other people's solos really be that important? When other lead guitarists replace former ones in bands do they the solos note by note? For instance would hearing a song by Megadeth without Marty Friedman be exactly the same live? Sometimes I think I obsess about this too much.

I've also been playing Johnny B. Goode, I love that song.

How have other members on this board learned to solo? Do you emphasis an importance on learning another person's solos exactly? What tips could you give me?
No it wouldnt, most of Solos is improvising, especially on stage. The point of learning other peoples solos is to get their licks and use them in your own solols. And yes, soloing is very important. Every one who calls themself a guitarist should be able to know how to solo.
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But if you learn other people's solos you subconsciously learn modes and scales, and you're just learning new ways of moving your fingers. You'll also find inspiration for your own. I think it's useful anyways. And hey, if it doesn't help, it's good practice and it'll build up technique.