hey there

i have been playing guitar for about 2 years on a cheap semi-acoustic which i am beginning to get tired of. the same boring old sound is driving me nuts. so i have saved up around 1.5 grand which will go to a new electric gat.

the stone roses, oasis, the beatles and some of the verve is what im currently playing and i really want to step it up a gear. my band literally cry their eyes out when i turn up to practice with my sh*tty semi. so the time has come!

please anyone who knows anything about the Noel Gallagher Epiphone Supernova give me a shout and it would be much appreciated.

cheers guys
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If you have $1500 just get a used Gibson ES-335, or better yet, a Rickenbacker 360.

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Yup, if you've got that much money look for a used Gibson ES335.

But the Epi Supernova is just a Riviera with a different paint job and cosmetics etc.

Also, what amp do you have at the moment.
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hey thanks for all your help guys umm i have a 50 watt marshall but i dont have any pedals at the mo
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Yep with that amount you can get a gibbo 335 or the likes. Thats what i would get, but dont forget how important your amp is.

If you want to go cheap i have an epi semi for sale, see sig.
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save up a little more and get you a PRS i think they run about 2500 or so for the top models
they are really nice
also maybe look into a gretch
don't get a gibson you use half of your money on the name
there are also plenty of guitars out there that are under one grand but play just as well
i would shop around town a little and find somthing i like

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