I own a Classic 30 and just recently ordered a Keeley MT-2 (upgrade from the stock). I havn't received the pedal yet, but I was wondering if I wanted to further improve my tone, should I buy new speakers or tubes, as in which would make a larger difference?

I was thinking of buying a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, not sure about the tubes yet. Im trying to get a sound suited for metal, but more importantly a fat, crunchy tone for solos?
i'd say do the speaker...i've seen people use tubes, but they really really really know what they're dealing with.

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how often do you have to change the tubes, in normal circumstances
Tubes should get changed everyone 1-2 years based on how much you play anyway. You could get some higher gain tubes if that is what you want. I think tubes would make a bigger difference than a speaker.
get some new tubes. it will be cheaper. also, many times amp companies ship thier amps biased slightly cold so have an amp tech rebias your amp so its "hotter"