Hey, what do you guys/girls think about Breedlove acoustic guitars? Eventually I'm going to be in the market for a new acoustic, and since I probably won't have enough $ for a Taylor (Which is what I really want) I was thinking that Breedlove is nice (and cheaper) alternative. I play a couple at Guitar Center and they seemed nice, but I wanted to know what your opinion on them were.

Gracias in Advance

EDIT: Here are some.
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Good friend has an expensive one ( $3K ) and it has great tone and volume but is quite sensitive to environmental changes. Tempramental.
^all solid wood guitars are sensitive to environmental changes. Breedlove have an internal truss rod in the body of their guitars that actualy make the LESS sensitive than other brands such as martin and taylor.

Breedlove make nice guitars if you like their sound. The Special truss rod under the bridge changes the tone a lot and its something that lots of people like and lots of people don't like.
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Am hip to JLD. Wood,too. THAT guitar is still temperamental. Characteristic of the brand??, I don't pretend to know.
I have a custom Breedlove myself and I absolutely LOVE this guitar. It has a solid Red Cedar top and solid East Indian Rosewood back and sides. It's an acoustic-electric with a cutaway but it sounds like a full-bodied dreadnought. I haven't had any problems with it being particularly tempermental regarding changes in the weather. As Chris said, all guitars that are solid wood are going to be more susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. I, for one, am a fan of the JLD Bridge Truss. It's designed to combat the tension put on the soundboard by the strings through the bridge. Basically, the less tension you have on the soundboard, the more it is able to vibrate. In my particular guitar, the bass response is simply amazing. Overall, I highly reccomend Breedlove.
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Am hip to JLD. Wood,too. THAT guitar is still temperamental. Characteristic of the brand??, I don't pretend to know.

It could be the type of wood. Maple, Myrtle, Walnut, and koa are all commen wood for breedlove guitars and all of these woods are much more temperamental than Mahogany or Rosewood.
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I'm with Jim here. I highly reccomment them also. My friend sells them and I've picked one up before to play it. They are excellant guitars with a wonderful sound. Oh, very good quality also.