As u will have learned from my threads i have a double locking tremolo.So,i use very much alternative tunings and when i bought the guitar and didn't know that these kind of tremolos are not for alt. tunings.So,for example I used D tuning for some weeks but yesterday i had to play in a gig and i had to tune to E.Ok i tuned it but after much time caz i had to tune,make the bridge parallel then tune again and so on.and I'm asking:
Is there any other easier way to change tunings at such tremelos??I read on the guitar's manual that there are products in the market that will help such problems.Are there any??

God i wish i had bought i guitar with a tunamatic or vintage bridge!!
I came across i very nice esp guitar but i don't remember the model but it was black had a Les Paulish body and it is here on the reviews too.The only problem is that my parents won't let me buy that soon caz i bought the other guitar just 10 months ago!!
So this tremol-no can "lock" the guitar so when i try changing tunings the bridge won't move??
And when i said D tuning i didn't mean D A D G B E i meant D G C F A D
If you're soooo curious about it, just watch the video and read the faqs. And to answer your question, yes.
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