Afternoon guys, this might sound like a strange question but what settings do people use on this amp?

Im still at that beginner level where i dont know what setting i need to use to get the desired sound.

Im finding the Bass / Mid / Treble controls are a bit confusing to me at the moment.

So for example - a metal sound - would you use Bass but no treble and - clean - would be Mid / Treble but no bass?

Also is the Delay knob supposed to make it sound as though you are playing in a big concert hall?


For a metal sound turn up bass and treble and turn down middle. Should do the trick.
IF you want the live sound, turn the delay knob all the way over so it goes into reverb, that way you get that van halen sound with your flanger.
I got the same amp. It simply requires you investing time in trying out many different sound effects.

I think I once spent 5 straight hours just testing effects and mixing them up see what the results were.

My preference: am usually on clean, with a lill chorus and a alot of trebble for my blues songs.

When i kick some solos i crank the reverb all the way over to give it some echoing sound. Theres some effects i just never use like metal.