but only when im reading them of a scale chart thing! Is there any easy way of remembering scales and how long did it take you guys to remember them? Because I can play them fast and well but soon as try an play without any scale diagrams i forget it all!

practice makes perfect.

When im learning scales, i try to learn there intervals / notes, and play them that way. I dont like to use pictures or diagrams.

Learning the notes helps you with other theory / practical aspects of playing the guitar.
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i learn most of them via box shapes. at the moment at in the process of breaking away from the shapes and using notes instead
just start memorizing them

and look for pattern to help u momorize it

took me like 1 week or so to get the Major Diatonics down

(of course each major scale is also a minor so i know the minors too)

Good Luck Bud
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thanks lot guys tht stuff kinda helps out! Il give it ago and see how goes! I dont no any theory so al stuff bout box shapes an note intervals i dont no so il need to learn that to!

Just learn one major scale in any key and learn how to transpose it accordingly. Know that each major has an equal minor, the only difference is the starting note. e.g: C major = A minor.
C major: C D E F G A B
Am : A B C D E F G

Anyway, just keep practicing the different positions and learn to improvise it over a track, this helps build you're memory.
your never going to learn the scales if you learn a new scale every day.. take your time on each one until you know the best you can
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no unless its A Harmonic Minor which has a G#