Afternoon all, i had my 7th guitar lesson last night where we learnt the 'Blues Scale'.

Whilst i was playing this the tutor said i need to start alternate picking as at the moment im only hitting strings on a down stroke.

I tried this last night with the Blues Scale. I learnt the scale fairly easy and can play it now without thought but when i try to alternate pick i tend to mess up 8 out of 10 times as at the moment it doesnt feel natural. Im focusing so much on my picking that i tend to make mistakes with my other hand!!

How long does this technique usually take to pick up? I was sort of getting the hang of it a bit last night but when i went to alternate ( do an upstroke instead of a downstroke etc ) i lost my rhythm again.

At least my tutor has identified this problem now, i think if he'd hav left it any longer it might have taken me ages to change my style / habit.


It depends how much you practice.

Just take one string, and alternate pick on it open.
Dont press any frets yet, just keep alternate picking it, try to get a rhythm going, then start to switch strings quickly.

After you can switch strings, start to play single notes on one string and go on from there.
Been away, am back
I'll try that mate, thanks

Ill tell you what, that Blues Scale sounds good. Its relatively difficult to master but ok for a beginner to pick up - i like how it gets your fingers moving fast as well - yes i am easily pleased!!