What should a bass practice session contain? When I practice, I usually warm-up on scales, then practice some covers, then write some riffs of my own. Any ideas/additions? Any help would be very useful.
Practicing techniques, finger stretching, memorizing scales (not just the shapes, but the notes int he scales) modes and various arpeggios.
Depends on what you're after my friend..

I warm up on scales for 30 mins, up and down, all variations. 2nds, 3rds, 4ths etc..

Then i usually practice chromatic runs, arpeggios, triads, octaves etc...

then i practice hammers, pull-offs, trills, double-stops, slap..

then i practce band songs..

then i practice the curent song i am learning..

jam on my own with drum loop

warm down with light scales

any other time spent on bass is just jamming or playing other bands songs
basically all i do to warm up is i play some of the hardest songs i know
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