I have been noticing some pain in my left (fretting) hand when I'm playing power chords...I was wondering if this just goes away..or is its somthing substantial.
And don't flame me becuase I'm asking...I don't mean crappy Green Day stuff..i'm talking about Sabbath and Nirvana stuff.
Thanks for any help!

Also..my riht wrist gets tired and starts to hurt after pam muting for a small amount of time..

Any suggestions?
Thanks again
Just let the good times roll.
it'll probably pass away... just keep playing...
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suddenly you explode.... if playing starts to hurt STOP. pick it back up when the pain is gone. Pain is bad. The logic that "it will just go away" is a grade A way to suffer damage to your wrist, which will stop you from playing for a while, or forever! *gasp!
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Alright ..I have stopped palm muting which is really wht hurts my left arm the most..I don't know why..but I can play power chords just fune until I start lam muting if I'm swichting chords. That prolly makes no sense to anyone but....
Thanks for the help!
Just let the good times roll.
yeah, itll go away, my wrist used to hurt from playing but now it doesnt
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