alrite, so ive got this guitar that was given to me, ands its pretty decent, and its called


right, so anyways, i aint got any pics, and i cant find any on the net of one, but im just wondering

it keeps going out of tune, i dont know why, its just annoying me, i can barely get through one song without it going out of tune. The bridge is somewhat reminscent of a FR, but the wah-wah thingy doesnt work, and its got cracks on it by the bolts, could this be the problem to the tuning?,

i dunno, if thats the porblem i will jsut have to replce it somehow, if i can find somehting that will fit in the hole
if your stuff keeps goin outta tune, its prly the keys. or the neck. how major are the cracks. i would consider takin it to a shop .
if you have put new strings or it has new strings then they will take a while to settle, the cracks around the bolts shouldnt make much difference, but it is a possibility.

Keep playing for a while and keep retuning, say for an hour or so, if you see no immprovement then its a hardware issue not a string thing

do you notice the tuning pegs moving at all? could show a sign of poor craftmanship of the machinehead which would allow the strings to slowly unwind through play or even rest. if that's the case just take it back wherever you bought it and beat the hell out of who ever sold it to you (with the guitar, of course). then take his guitar.
its probably the floyd rose, if it has no way of locking the strings in place.. also cheap "floyd roses" go outa tune VERY EASILY...
ive had it for a while you know, a few months, and out of tune it keeps going, i meen the guitar itselfs was locked in my church for two years, the assistant minister gave it too me but never told me about it and my mum just turned up with it one day so yeh i meen the strings are pretty worn, but im pretty sure ive changed them all now.

the cracks on the bridge are from where its bolted in to the edge of the metal, maybe about 2mm break?

lol i didnt buy it it was given to me
thanks guys, i wish i could get some pics on here , the guitar itself is pretty ncie, it does have locks at the top but i dont lock them coz i dont have the rite allen key lol, yeh that did present a problem when i did break a string, i couldnt get the bugger out lol