1. Let it Rock
2. You Give Love a Bad Name
3. Livin' On a Prayer
4. Social Disease.
5. Wanted Dead or Alive.
6. Raise Your Hands
7. Without Love
8. I'd Die for You
9. Never Say Goodbye
10. Wild in the Streets
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?
It happens to pertain to music....and my distaste for this particular album.
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?
A Bon Jovi Album?
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Quote by Stevie B
A Bon Jovi Album?

Yes. Slippery When Wet to be exact.
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?
yeah I like thin lizzy...but bon jovi only rocks with that country chick..whose way hot...nice rack...but yeah dead or alive is about the only good song
I didn't mind that song, until I bought the album for some stupid reason and realized everything else sucked.

I also thought that the talkbox guitar riff in Livin On A Prayer or You Give Love a Bad Name, whichever song has it I forgot, was cool the first few times I heard it, then it just got old.
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?
Worst bon jovi albums are fahrenhiet these days and this left feels right. Crush was too commercial but the rest I dont have a prob with (cause I like the music)
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I used to like them. I used to be into that 80's hair band ****, then I realized I can't listen to it for that long.
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?