has anyone noticed how much older all of the 'new' rockers seem to be these days?

I mean, Buckcherry are all mid to late thirties in age (3 albums)
Godsmack, the youngest member is 38 (4 albums)
nicklecrap are all mid to late 30's (4albums?)

what ever happened to doing albums while you were young?

don't get me wrong there are definatly some younger rockers out there silvertide are 23/24, i think wolfmother is fairly young, but what happened to bands doing albums and touring when they are 21, or even 20? it just doesn't happen anymore.

You'd think that with the emergence of independent music labels that this would give young bands a better chance to get thier music out there.

anyhoo, if anyone has an opinion, give me a shout, list off some other 'old new bands', or 'young new bands'.
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artic monkeys oldest member 21.
Panic at the disco oldest member 20.
there is a bunch of bands that are young besides the ones ive just mentioned. there are a lot of older guys to. im not impplying that u think it matters although i dont think it matters how old u are. if it sounds good somebody is gonna like it right? age and looks shouldnt be a facot. all thoug in our culture it seems to be a big one.
I think it's mainly due to over-domininant mainstream. The organized music which is marketed too much, you know what I'm talking about - take a pretty face, make her sing, add affects and make a provacative video to get it noticed.
Stuff like that drowns out rock completely, metal whatever it is you want you know and so all these young musicians are just waiting really, nothing much you can do when all the gaps [position as a known musician] are filled with the Britneys, Christinas etc. you know?
the fall of troy, 3 members, all 21, touring nonstop

i wouldnt consider godsmack or nickleback to be new rock either. Their styles have been around for like 15 years
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i guess i should say that in the mainstream there seems to be more old rockers than young.

also, it's easier to look to the past and pick out 50 bands that toured at 20, than it is to look to the present and pick out 20.

thanks for the sudgestions, i'm going to check these bands out.
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don't check out panic at the disco though they blow

the thing is theres still plenty of young bands working hard, touring hard, and playing hard, but they're so overshadowed by the mainstream that only people that really look for them will ever find them. I don't know if you have any music community websites or anything in your city (I live in ottawa and we have www.punkottawa.com) but if you live in a big enough city theres sure to be tons of young bands trying to get people to notice them
yea, we have a couple of sites in Regina/SK.


on queencitypunk and saskmetal, it seems like most of the posters don't play music-oratleast in a band, they just want to bitch and wine about what they view as wrong, and then when some one posts they are looking for another musician, they generally make fun of your influences.

I was lucky, i didn't need these sites to find my band, and i'm in the one band in the city-maybe the province that is actually trying to make a living off of music, we are definatly the busiest bands in regina, and the best live act by far (those typically go hand in hand).

what is the scene in ottawa like these days? in regina it's full of emo, and punk. not much rock left.
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Muse released their first album, Showbiz, when Matt Bellamy was 21.
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Ha, betcha guys didn't know that the youngest member of the Offspring is 34! (Atom Willard, all the other guys are 40-43) I know they're hardly a new band though.

I think bands are usually starting out young though.
I agree with the guy who said that older guys have the advantage in being more experienced. Sure, younger guys have more endurance, but good music shouldn't rely on energy. I think you will find that the best music comes from people who have had awhile to refine their craft.
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Age doesn't matter in the slightest, as long as the music is good!

Age itself doesn't matter, but experience does, and that comes with age.