Im going through some stuff in my life that i need to write about so...

how could you do this
how do you act like nothing ever happened
like it was another dream of mine
like all that you did was a lie
why would you do this
why do you spend you time laughing
when you see ill die this time
when i still see your eyes

do you put me through this pain, is it
that easy to forget me
why do your words show the opposite
of the truth that i can see

when will you love me again
when will you return to my arms
and save me once more
ill save you once more
why doesnt this love end
why dont you return to my arms
like you did before
i opened the door


What can i do
I love you
I wish i dindnt
but i do
i cant find a way out
i love you i wish i didnt but i do


Whats a good title, please crit
dont understand why those words were out by themselves in bold but other than that, pretty sweet, 7.5/10
i think a good title would be ''why'' or ''how'' because you seem to say those words alot. i liked it alot. i really love the chorus, and its not very cliche. you said you instead of your, but thats the only mistake i see anywhere. its very good. i would make the ending stanza a but longer. but other that its good . i really enjoyed reading it. 9/10, keep it up man.
can you crit mine? [url="song ]song