I'm after something that I can stick a pair of headphones in and play quietly to myself while everyone else is asleep. I've already got a horrible Korg ax-1000 which I use for this reason and as a tuner but wondered if there's anything better out there. I mainly want a nice metal sound. Thinking of a Pod if you can plug headphones into it.
My gear:

Gibson Gothic Flying V
Engl Screamer Combo
Maxon OD-9
Squier 10w amp
A pod would be a pretty good choice. Some of the korg toneworks gear is pretty cool. To be honest, it'd be better to stretch to a pod xt as it's the sort of gear you won't replace or get bored of the tone, whereas the pod unfortunately is. I owned a pod v2 and it was pretty cool... I just got bord of the tone. The xt is much better. Maybe a boss gt8...

Good luck mate

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