im getting a wah wah pedal in 2 weeks, and i am going to get a flange pedal to go with it, but i cant decide on which wah.....whats are the advantages of each, the Ibanez Weeping Demon or the Dunlop Crybaby 535Q??
i want to know everything about these, all i can find out is the useless info on the packaging and ****
Go and try them both out, see what you think of them and get first hand experience of them.
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well im going to try them the day i buy one, so i want some more info just to help make the choice easier
i like the weeping demons feature, u can adjust the resistance, delay time, and auto turn on, and i hear good things about both pedals, but obviously i hav no idea of the sound quality as of yet
I just got a weeping demon and i think its absolutely fantastic. It dusts my friends Craybaby Wah, though thats not the 535q model.
I think its great, hope im some help.
Though at first it is quite difficult to get "that" sound, but i figured it out, just look at the manual
hmm well actually i think i just made up my mind.
the weeping demon has alot of cool features, and the other wah wah is only available at a different store
i dont wanna go to two diff stores just to try them both then have to return to the store to buy it
I don't know, I tried a Weeping demon before buying my 535Q and it just felt kind of "bleh", for lack of a better word.
well, ive got the 535Q and all i can say is be prepared to spend alot of time with it, it does sound nice and has got alot of sweep to it when you find the right settings, there's 3 separate knobs and a volume boost and it took me quite a while to find a setting that i liked. The main problem i have with it is when you push the toe down and have a clean amp you get that horrible peaking-out kinda sound so i often use a compressor to even it out and make it sound alot smoother.

Have you looked into Vox wahs? If the real Vox wahs are anything like the ones on my Vox Valvetronix (ive got the foot controller too) then i regret buying my crybaby, the vox just sounds so much smoother, however, the valvetronix is digital, so i have no idea if the real Vox wahs sound similar.
I dont normally use my weeping demon for metal, i play classic rock and blues and it sounds good.
But ive only compared it to a crybaby normal wah, not a 535q model
try the weeping demon, mainly cos of the variety of sounds you can get out of one pedal. my bruv nicked my weeping demon, so i nicked his strat until he gave it back. also, the weeping demon has 2 modes, an auto switch, like a crybaby and a foot switch. its fits any style you want, cos of the way u can literally pull apart the sound and remould it until u get something u love. also, for our 4stringed friends out there, its got a bass wah switch. 2bh i havent tried it, as i dnt play bass, but iv heard good things
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