Hey people, I wonder if you guys could explain to me how to harmonise a riff (any riff, maybe an example in the code would help me).

I mean, is there any rule of which notes you should use when harmonising another riff or any ways to remember so I will always remember how?
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Aww cmon, I mean "DragonForce - Fury of the Storm" style harmonising

Same thing on the higher frets...
do it in thirds, or inverted power chords ... a 7 5
e 9 7 and so on, but with two guitarists
you cna do the fifth interval, unision (same note) harmonizing, 4ths, and so one read up on intervals and just mess with it.
Ok I know this isnt my thread but I've tried harmonizing solo's using the harmonizer function on my whammy pedal, and it doesn't sound quite right. Why is this?
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^ lol you don't use the same intervals repeatedly.

just write out the scale of the key the 1st guitar is in. then for every note you play, the other guitar plays the third higher (some would be major, some minor)
so say youre in e minor.

you: e him: g
you: f# him: a
you: g him: b
you a: him: c
you b: him: d
you c: him: e
you d: him f#

thats about it if you understand it well
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for your pedal, atleast mine anyways i know u need to set it to the right key of the song then the correct interval for that song, not every combination will sound right.
Ah, thanks people...this has really helped.
Axe FX 2
Matrix GT1000FX
Mesa 4x12
Behringer FCB1010