I know this probably isnt the right forum to ask about drums, but hopefully ill get some help. everytime i try to record drums, they sound like ****. it's mostly the cymbals, and trying to get everything with one mic. unfortunately im limited to one mic recording at this point, so i was wondering if something like a condenser mic would help with the overall sound quality. thanks for help
When i worked with one of my friends bands they took a mic and suspended it right over the drums, and it came out really well

You can actually use a fishing pole for this or somehow tie the mic onto the ceiling
one mic wont cut it, ur gonna need to buy a mixer then mic each drum individually , ie. snare, each tom, bass drum, then a mic overhead to get the cymbals
I agree with somepunkkid. I'm a drummer to. Sometimes it depends on what kind of mic.
If you want to use just one mic, set it a foot behind the drummer at the same height as the head. Yes a condensor mic will help, look for one that has a nice high frequency response and goes up to 20Khz. If you want a demo of my sound quality with just one mic, go to http://crazydrummer69.dmusic.com. I just bought 8 drum mics and I'll have that setup either tomorrow or Saturday. You can get away with miccing your drums with just 2 mics, you don't need to mic each drum, that's simply a myth. Some of the best drum recordings have been done using as little as one mic.
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