I think that my sound of my bass is to clean and I want to change that. but I don't know what to buy, I wanna sound like the bassplayyer of machine head. I was thinking of buying an overdrive or distortion pedal but what would you do??
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yea id get a distortion pedal!!
a BOSS DS-2 is great, my bass player just got one for his b-day
also, the BOSS Mega Distortion (htink its called) is meantr for low end distortion like on bass
also try a fuzz, there are bassplayers that prefer fuzz over distortion...

I prefer to use a very soft distortion/fuzz to give my sound a bit of rawness/texture...
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I use a Z Vex Woolly Mammoth. It's a fuzzboz rather than an Overdrive pedal. I love it. But it doesn't work so well on active basses.
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I use a boss ODB-3, and now i've had a chance to tinker with it, I can get anything from a slight natural overdrive to full blown meaty distortion, i reccomend it.

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Fulltone Bass Driver, a little expensive but I hear they're anazing. Z Vex are also expensive but again, I hear only good things about them. Check out the Big Muff too. If you don't have a lot to spend check out Boss ODB-3 or the Digitech Bass Driver, they aren't amazing but if you spend some time with them, you can get a nice sound. The digitech is nice because you can go from Overdrive to Distortion to full on Fuzz.
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