Well, time has come for me to buy a new guitar.

Those Sg's are sexier than any other guitar out there, and I'm probably the biggest SG fan out there, so this pretty much means that I will buy one. I have the money to buy it, but there is only one problem : the guitar store near doesn't have one, but doesn't want to order one for me so that I can try it before.

So my question is: have any of you actually tried one, and how did it feel?
They just feel like any other Gibson SG.

I would rather order it from an online store where you can send it back instead of having your local store order it, because I've seen some bad flamed maple tops on those supremes.
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If you're planning on buying something like that you need to try before you buy, so that you'll get the feel for it, and hear what it sounds like and so on, and realise if it's worth the price.
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Okay, im sure supreme's are good guitars though Never tried one unfortunately. They cost like 4 grand in my country
Well, I finally got it yesterday, and it's AWESOME. I'll tell you more about it when I'll have played more with it though.
I tried a couple when I went to pick up my guitar at the shop I went to last

The necks felt pretty nice. It was a fairly light guitar and of course a lot thinner
than an LP. The binding seemed a bit cheesy, but then again I'm used the 7 layer
binding that I have on all my other Gibsons. They appeared to be set up well.
The action was decent and I couldn't find any buzzing or fretting out.

I tried 2 of them and the only difference was color. All in all, it seemed like a nice
guitar. Nothing particularly special about how it felt, but hit the usual mark of
a production line guitar. I'd probably take one over an LP, but at that point it's
just getting into preference.
I kow the 61 reissue is identical to the supreme apart from the maple top, same neck etc....

So try to play on that one first

And neck is not as "fat" as on the other SGs, which for people like me is a big plus becase I hate the regular SG neck, the supreme's just like a les paul neck