meh i did a search and nothing came up, so i figured id start a garageband thread for general discussion and questions.

For general recording it i by far my favorite program... for mixing however it needs a lot of work. I recently got a keyboard for it, so ive been working on synth effects and the likes, and so far my solo industrial project is coming a long nicely.

My set up for GB:

Griffin Technology GarageBand Guitar Cable 3101-GTR
Alesis Guitar FX pedal - Put on bypass mode and I run the mic through that
M-Audio Keystation 49e - USB Midi Keyboard
Then of course my guitars, bass, and drums.

It really works wonderfully.

Does anyone know a place where i can find metal style drum loops, though? iCompositions.com doesnt have any

EDIT: wow this thread failed miserably
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