Which is better getting a multi processor with a variety of different effects or buying each individual effect pedal? It seems like you can do more with an individual effect with the single pedal, but its so much cheaper to buy the multi processor. What advice do you have for a confused guitarist?
If you buy a really nice rack effects processor, and compare it to a stompbox effect, chances are that the processor will sound better, but it depends on your budget and how many different effect you want to use.
Well, you obviously have more options with single units. The tone is usually better, too. And it's cheaper if you only want a few effects.
However, for the price of about three good single effects, you can get a DigiTech RP300, which is a great multi-effects unit.
If you have the cash, get the singles. If you don't and you need a lot of options, grab a multi.
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Depends on your budget, if its a cheap multi effects it will sound like complete **** compared to single pedals, i had a cheap multi ( Zoom 606) and i compared it to my friends set of pedals and my setup was sounding so bad.
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Well, you obviously have more options with single units. The tone is usually better, too. And it's cheaper if you only want a few effects.
However, for the price of about three good single effects, you can get a DigiTech RP300, which is a great multi-effects unit.
If you have the cash, get the singles. If you don't and you need a lot of options, grab a multi.

i would say if you have the money buy a nice processor like the g-force effects ($1500) but chance are you don't so buy some stompboxes
single units!!!! theyre way better
processors are hard to get the sound out of, and if you cant find the right sound, theres nothing you can do
stomp boxes are also cheaper and sound better most of the time
i have had a PODXT since about january and its great. but, i recently got a tube amp. and the distortion and amp models all went to hell in a hand basket.

Then i got a keeley modded Blues driver and Rat pedal, and they sound 57483 times better than the POD now.

so, what amp do you got?
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i say go for the singles, its much more easier to get a great personal tone out of it.
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multi processors are made to fit as many effects in them as possible. most (not all) are just crammed with effects with little effort put into making them sound good.
single pedals will end up costing way more, but each pedal has more effort put into getting the desired effect.

for example.
most multi processors have "auto wah" while it gives the same general effect as a wah pedal, it cannot be controlled, and it doesnt end up sounding as good.

if youre going for a distortion pedal, my advice is to buy an amp with a good distorted sound already in it. mesa boogie sounds way better than a boss metalzone.
amps with good distortion can be found from 200-4000 dollars. my advice for that is to go in to your local guitar shops and start playin on all the amps you can find.

if your just looking for effects though, it depends where you play and what you play. if you only need two or three effects, get the individual pedals. i myself use wah and flanger on stage, plus my channel selectors, so in total i have six buttons to press, and that kinda gets a little bit hectic when you move around lots.

but if you need more effects then get the processor because youll end up spending way too much to buy the individual pedals. also, if your not playing on stage, and your in a recording studio, processors are good to experiment and find new sounds.

so that was kind of long, sorry. in general i would say get a multi processor first to find what effects you like, then go and get the individual pedals if you can afford it. but if you know which effects you want right now, (as long as there are less than 4 effects) get the individual pedals. you could also get the processor for some effects and when you get some money, buy individual pedals, theres no rule against linking it all together.
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yeah but then the issue of effects order comes into play when you have 4 or more stompboxes, and there are like infinite different ways to makes different sounds by changing the order of just 4 or 5 pedals
is it possible to use both a rack mounted effects processor as well as stompboxes?

I have a Line 6 FM4 stompbox atm, and I'm looking at putting together a rack system in the near future. So, ill be planning to use effects like chours, flange, ect through the effect processor through to the midi foot controller, but I want to have the FM4 seperate so that I can adjust the settings of this on the fly.

Just wanted to know if my idea would actually work/be practical.
You can use as many effects as you want. You can mix singles, multis and rack units...there's no limitations and there are no rules. You are not required to take a test and carry a license for guitar tone. I use a Boss GT-8 along with a ross compressor clone, 535Q wah, tube screamer and an echo pedal because I like having a wide range of tones and effects available (see the pic of my gear in the link in my sig). I'm expanding even more because I plan on building a dual tube screamer (literally a TS-9 and a TS-808 in the same box) and a few other goodies.

Go out and play with the stuff...you'll never know if it will fit you until you try. Multis can give you a ton of options, and the better units like the GT-8 have great tones, but just remember you get what you pay for.
Are you a tone freak, cuz you'll lose some going through digital? Audience won't detect it.
Perform a lot? ah the lure of programed buttons. Most strong it is.

When I do use multi units, I always end up using just a couple effects and blended only slightly. So, I need to head towards pedals me self.

Seems like the longer one plays the less bells and whistles used. Nothing worse than an over processed tone that doesn't cut thru. the mix. No matter how skilled the player is.
I can dial in the GT-8 to be very transparent (the tone stays the same when the GT-8 is switched in or bypassed with a true-bypass looper). But I get what you're saying about using fewer bells and whistles. Ever since I got the Roadster I have been going direct to the amp with a touch of delay and a tube screamer...wah pedal for kicks and Voodoo Child. Too bad that sound is letting me down right now...I might end up trading the Roadster for a Mark IV.