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They wouldn't let me post this in the metal forums so......

Originally Posted by Tsunekuni
Oooh, post the Symphony X one.

First, heres one my friend did on how Shawn Lane is Micheal Romeos older brother.

Ok, along with my other accusations about Symphony X, my most recently discovered is that Michael Romeo is Shawn Lane's younger brother. Shawn and Michael were friends at a younger age, seperated by five years, and they taught each other everything on guitar. But they split paths later in life, holding in this huge secret to never tell the world. Here is some proof.

Ok, both Shawn Lane and Michael Romeo have a similar guitar style. They were both born in the month of March in the 1960's. Lane 1963, Romeo 1968.

They are both heavyset white guys with long hair, who look much the same.

Shawn Lane, like a lane, or carpool lane. Carpool relates to pool, which relates to a jacuzzi. Which rhymes with Pizocookie, a famous dessert food item, at a restaurant called BJ's. Ex-President Clinton got a bj from Monica Lewinski. Clinton's wife, Hilary became Senator of New York. New York is where Michael Romeo was born, thus, directly relating Shawn Lane and Michael Romeo.

Both have used carvin guitars. In the song Sea of Lies, by Symphony X, the lyrics go " the knife carves another line around these eyes. Carve, Carvin, thats oddly similar.

That's enough proof for now, but I will give out more information as it becomes available.

Heres the one I made shortly after seeing V for Vendetta. My friend has also posted this on the Symphony X threads. Alright, V for Vendetta, V, Symphony X's 5th album. Coincedence? I think not. The main character wears a mask, and masks appear on every SX album to date. At one point in the movie the hero was in a room labeled "V". Five people were always talking to the chancellor. The hero rises out of a fire in the movie like the SX song out of the ashes. After the hero kills somebody he lays a rose on them. On the cover of TDWOT the girl is holding a rose of exactly the same kind. In the back of the DWOT booklet they thank Sentinel steel magazine. In the movie the matrix, those robots are called sentinels and just happen to be made of steel. Who directed the Matrix? The wachowski brothers. Same people that wrote the screenplay for V for Vendetta! Vendetta has two E's in it. So does Micheal Romeo! MR also uses Vetta Heads, Very close to the spelling of Vendetta. So close in fact it is only off by three letters: dne. Rearranged they spell Den like Into the Dragons Den, obviously SX symbolism. The power of five (v), how many members in Symphony X, 5. This is also the only, yes only, Symphony X song that all five members have written together. Out of every song they have wrote, Fallen is the only one that includes credit to all five current members of the band. Yes my data is accurate, I have spent many hours researching these phenomenon. This proves without a doubt that the whole band of Symphony X is behind something. Micheal Romeo, like Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare wrote R and J and he was born in England just like in the movie. Natalie portman speaks in a british accent in the movie but not in real life, thus she is being a phony. The word phony appears in the word Symphony X. Also phony - the H is pony. A pony is related to a horse, also called a steed. In the song the accolade, the lyrics go: "a charging steed through lands of time, a legend forever". The hero in the movie becomes a legend. In the DWOT booklet, the band thanks Jerry Poland. Poland was the first country that Germany invaded in WWII. Who was the main political power in Germany at that time? The Nazis. A Nazi flag is shown once in the movie, once again proving my point that SX and the Wachowski brothers are up to something.
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I doubt many people are gonna read all of that man
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lol, i read it when you slipped it in the metal forum, but it should go in the guitar hero story thread that used to be around here
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dude, you are WAYY to paranoid. go wear a tin foil hat and wait for the government to try and control your mind. and while your at it, babble about aliens and the Movie the matrix and how its real.
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ive seen these before. one guy sold 2 air guitars, for $2 each or something. people are retarded, what can i say.
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Quote by adagio0952
Yes my data is accurate, I have spent many hours researching these phenomenon. .

you're a genius

alan moore is from england, as is brian may. Brian may plays guitar. V FOR VENDETTA IS BASED ON THE LIFE AND TIMES OF BRIAN MAY. true fact. anyone who disagrees is just in denial of whats really going on in the world. i'm bringing you the inside truth here from behind closed doors. No need to thank me. This brian may/v for vendetta cover up has being going on for years. I'm just happy to bring you (the people) the truth. I'm a modern day jesus you say? why yes. yes i am.
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ashha it got treally funy at the "vendetta hes two e's in it.... so does michael romeo!!"
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The part that says Michael Romeo and Shawn Lane's guitar style is similar makes it unbelievable, the rest is just silly.
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Put it in the guitar hero story thread or something.

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